Welcome to Alpine Meadows

Perhaps the most popular residential neighbourhood in Whistler, Alpine Meadows is a mix of older townhomes, original “A” frame chalets dating back to the 1970’s and brand new, large homes with an abundance of modern fixtures and fittings and specifications. Building lots vary in size with most supporting a build of up to 3,500sq.ft. and offering outstanding views of forests, mountains and lakes.

The neighbourhood is home to both locals and casual weekenders from Vancouver. Located north of Whistler Village, the neighbourhood includes Meadow Park Sports Centre, Whistler’s main recreation facility operated by the municipality. Alpine Meadows is also popular because it features its own grocery store and café, and the Whistler High School is located directly opposite the main entrance to the neighbourhood.

Real estate opportunities are always popping up within this large neighbourhood as many original owners of some of the older properties are bringing their properties onto the market. An opportunity to make a great deal perhaps!

Properties for sale in Alpine Meadows

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Are you considering buying or selling a property in Alpine Meadows?

As a full time Whistler resident, Steve Cartner has been helping buyers and sellers from around the world since 1997. He is very familiar with Alpine Meadows and can answer all your questions. He is also able to act as your Buyer’s Agent on any of the properties listed for sale.