For Sale By Owner

Some Whistler real estate sellers are trying to sell their home on their own, this is what’s known as “For Sale by Owner,” or FSBO. Some sellers have had success with this, while others have not.

From a Whistler Buyer's Standpoint

As a buyer in Whistler, if you see a home with a for sale sign, an add in the paper, on a listing online, don’t hesitate to ask me about the listing. I have the resources to do an additional search on the house on your behalf, as well as contacting the Whistler real estate agent, and negotiate the terms of the sale for you. I can work my commission into the price of the home so that I am compensated for my work with you, as well as other houses that were shown, and it will not effect as much on your payments. Commissions are usually discussed on a case to case basis.

With a market as busy as the Whistler real estate market, there are many FSBO homes available. As a buyer you need to be aware that there are risks when trying to buy a home without a realtor. From a buyer and seller perspective, they buyer is the one taking all the risk in the deal. By working with a Whistler REALTOR® you will be protected. All of my forms are legal and conform to the CREA® Standards which gives you ALL the information they are aware of; if it doesn’t, you are protected under the contract, and your lawyer has the ability to fight on your behalf. If a vendor refuses to sign this form, there may be a few reasons such as property revenue. We as real estate agents will do the necessary research on the property as it is essential.

So be cautious of FSBO’s. As these buyers and sellers are not professional agents, so why not use a professional, like myself, who has the appropriate experience and resources? This is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. Would you use someone other than a professional mechanic to fix your vehicle, or a surgeon for surgery, etc?

From a Whistler Seller's Standpoint

Marketing is just one of the many benefits of using a Whistler REALTOR®. Using a REALTOR® will give your home much more exposure than it would if you were trying to sell yourself. We use the internet to market your listing with our own personal websites, through our brokerages website, and through the MLS system and Most Whistler agents will also use other resources like REALTOR® Showcase, open houses, and will also do in-house networking with other Whistler agents.

One of the other great advantages of using an agent to sell your home is having their guidance on how to price the home. The public will always see what a home has been listed for, but may not know what it has actually sold for. So you may in turn end up leaving money on the table by not using an agent. Yes you may save on not paying a REALTOR® commission, but you may end up losing out on money you could have made if the home was priced properly and sold.

Branding is also very important, and using a REALTOR® gets you the attention you need.

Whistler REALTORS® can help you with financing options, help you find the types of homes you’re looking for, and information about the property and the area it is in. We can also negotiate on your behalf with things like the price, financing, repairs on the home, furniture, appliances, etc. and will also handle the closing procedures and communicating with lenders, lawyers, vendors, etc

In conclusion, we can help you with financing options, help you locate potential properties and provide you with objective information about the property and the area in which it is located . We can negotiate on your behalf with things such as price, financing, inclusion/exclusion of repairs, furnishing, fixtures, etc., and all of the final closing procedures such as communicating with the lenders, lawyers, vendors, and so on.

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