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Peter Colls

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Kids: Get them excited for their new home
•Talk about the neighborhood, the house, the schools, local areas of interest and the benefits of your new residence.
•Involve your children in plans to decorate their new bedrooms or play areas, including color choices, decoration and arrangement of furniture.
•Make new friends and become involved and active in your new community immediately. Your children will follow your example during this transition period.
•Encourage your children to keep in touch with old friends while making new friends.
•Let your kids tell the neighborhood that you're moving.
•Let them help plan for the care of plants and/or pets during the move.
•Help them collect addresses of their friends and neighbors.
•Involve them with a charity donation of toys, clothing, books etc.
•Consider having a good-bye party.

Coping With Moving Day
•While packing and unpacking is in progress, consider having a sitter or a friend watch your younger children.
•Don't let children distract the moving crew from their work and services.
•Prepare a "ready box" that can be first off the truck; stock it with things you will need immediately, such as snacks, kitchen items, bathroom toiletries, hand tools, etc.

Pets:  Help them adjust to their new surroundings. Moving isn't just stressful for people, it’s equally stressful for pets. When it comes to moving with pets, pre-planning is crucial. Pets are very sensitive to changes in their surroundings. Moving companies will not move living things so if you plan to move with your pets, they are your responsibility. There are numerous ways to help them adapt to their new environment.
You may want to consult your veterinarian about medication or sedatives to reduce/eliminate motion sickness, agitation and/or crying.

Make sure your pet has a proper collar with ID and rabies tag. Also store all health documents in one convenient place.

If you're planning to stop at a hotel/motel along the way, call ahead to find out which ones permit pets. Have leashes on hand to move your pet from the car.

Avoid feeding or giving your pets water for several hours before your drive.